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Fans of Monty Python's Spamalot [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Harry Groener interview [Aug. 13th, 2006|10:00 am]

I meant to post this earlier but forgot until I saw the recent post about Groener. He did an interview with American Theatre Wing and you can download an mp3 of it (or for dial up users, listen to it with RealAudio) here. It's 48 minutes long (I can't give you an idea of the questions asked since I haven't listened to it...just felt I should pass it along to his fans here).
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(no subject) [Jul. 31st, 2006|01:52 am]

are there pictures of the touring cast  (particularly David Turner) floating around somewhere??
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Ebay [Jul. 12th, 2006|01:10 pm]

I feel spammy.

But I thought someone might be interested...

I'm selling my VHS copy of "Monty Python and The Holy Grail"!

And I've got other stuff for sale too.

Check it out, won't you?

((Feel free to delete this, mods, if it's not allowed. I understand.))


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Spamalot Invades The Tonys! [Jun. 11th, 2006|09:24 pm]

Hahaha.  I love how Spamalot can just randomly (sort of) interrupt the Tony awards.  THE KNIGHTS ON BROADWAY!
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(no subject) [Jun. 11th, 2006|06:05 pm]

Spoilers for the Tony Awards! No, I don't know in advance who's going to win, it's a spoiler about something planned.

Taken from an "insider" report at the Tony Awards Rehearsal (from BroadwayWorld.com):

"There's a Spamalot surprise when the American Theatre Wing executives come out to do their speech about the Wing. There should be more of this type of Broadway show involvement."

Believe me, if I knew more about it, I'd tell you. I'm definitely going to be watching for that...I'm pretty excited.

I'm also excited about Hank Azaria, David Hyde Pierce, and Sara Ramirez being among the sixty presenters tonight. :D

8:00 PM - 11:00 PM on CBS. Watch it!

Cross-posted to find_your_grail.
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I can do the highland thing.... [May. 20th, 2006|11:39 pm]

[mood |bouncybouncy]

I'm new!


I've always like Monty Python and loved Holy Grail. I was inspired to get "Spamalot" OBC cast recording when I found out my friend had Showtime on demand and !Huff, which I had been dying to see since it came out. (Loved HAnk Azaria since "Mad About You" and even more in "Uprising".)

Funnily enough my friend was wearing her Holy Grail shirt I got her from Spencer's Gifts.

Anyway, seeing a comment about "House md" earlier I decided to post this that I found on YouTube.com:

The funniest House music video ever

Yes it's on topic. Just click it! I dont care if you never seen House. And why aren't you watching it?! (*cough*Tuesdays at nine eastern*cough*) (*cough*on FOX*cough*)

Also, anyone know where I can get a torrent of the show? (I know, such a naughty girl. Doesn't mean I won't ever go see it if I have the chance!) I downloaded one a while ago, but it was corrupt! (Only played 45 minutes of it. Halfway through "Knights of the roundtable." Pfft.)

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Here are you!! [May. 20th, 2006|10:03 pm]

[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |What ever happened to my part :: Spamalot]

That would be a Original Opening Night Playbill personally signed by David Hyde Pierce. (I just got it from one of my mom's friends who is like BEST friends with David Hyde Pierce...)

Oh my. And that's all.

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Attention UKers! [May. 4th, 2006|08:10 pm]
FANTASTIC NEWS! The amazingly adorable Christopher Sieber is coming over to the UK to join Tim Curry in the London production of Spamalot! Naturally, he will be reprising his role of Sir Galahad.

I'm so pleased because he's the only cast member I didn't get to meet at the stage door.

here is the article in full.
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Question about the UK Spamalot shows [Apr. 25th, 2006|03:57 am]


Yes I'm new here. I am a huge Monty Python fan as well as a huge Tim Curry fan. I live in NS, Canada but am going to Londong, England in Dceember for a week. I am hoping to go see Spamalot there BUT I'm really only interested if Tim Curry is among the cast in the UK. I have tried finding the UK cast list and can't find it, can you help me out? Who else is in the London cast and is Tim Curry part of it or no?

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Selling A101 ticket [Apr. 13th, 2006|03:21 pm]
I have one ticket for Spamalot (Broadway) for May 2nd. It is seat A101 which is one of the four possible grail seats. I am looking for face value of the ticket. $115. Unfortunately I cannot attend.
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